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Moneygment Philippines (by Togetech Inc.) – is a mobile application that provides financial solutions for:

  • unbanked Filipinos;
  • small & medium enterprises;
  • OFWs;
  • self-employed individuals.

Togetech – it is IT company in the Philippines. One offers diferent mobile based solutions. Also, it is supported by sister company Nessotech Inc. which has clients from different Fintech niches.

Moneygment Philippines
Moneygment Philippines

Moneygment Philippines

Moneygment makes Filipinos more financially independent and included:

  • Finance solutions
  • Payment solutions
  • Effective access
  • Financial partner

The social role of the Moneygment is improving Filipinos lives and creating a digital society.

The company is recognized by government agencies and has a lot of accredited partners. Also, Moneygment is in process of getting its own collecting accreditation.

How Moneygment Works

Here is a short quick guide on how to make transactions with Moneygment:

  1. You need to create an account (you can create up to 10 profiles in 1 account; the 1st will be the main)
  2. Add all needed information (Payment amount, reference #, etc)
  3. After you need to pay the transaction and service fee to the Moneygment mobile application (Wallet/Paypal/Dragonpay/Bank Transfer) or you can do it also through offline partners as ECPay or 7-11 centres.
  4. Transaction processing can take up to 1-2 days, but usually, everything is fast
  5. Just wait and receive notification about the successful transaction with Moneygment

Also, you can check all transactions in the payment history.

Download Android / iOS Application


Really a lot of the Philippines use today smartphones. Moneygment app allows them to be connected to the market online. With service, you can do financial operations enough fast, easy and in a convenient way.

You can add funds to your wallet by clicking “My Wallet” in the app and entering the amount you need to top up.

Pay your Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth and SSS

How to pay your SSS in the Philippines with Moneygment

Everyone knows that managing your own finances is not so easy thing. Monthly bills, loans, government contributions. With Moneygment you will easily pay your SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, loans, etc. Pay attention, your loan account number should be valid.

Calculate, Pay, File Taxes

With service, you can easily pay your Personal Income Tax. Optional Standard Deductible or Itemized Deductibles. Besides, OSD or ID pertains to the 40,00% deduction to the annual gross income. Itemized Deduction allows Filipinos to get a higher proportion of expenses. The main point should be followed by documental support. Also, it should be allowed by BIR.

Create your account >update profile > add your income and expense information.

Also, you can pay for the Real Property Tax in Metro Manila, Cebu, Calabarzon, Central Luzon, etc.

To pay your Property Tax you need: add Title #, Full Name, LGU, Tax Declaration #. Also email Original certificate of Title, Tax declaration, previous property tax if you have such to the customercare[@]

Pay Bills and other Utilities

With Moneygment you can pay any bills you need Credit Cards, Communication, Utility, TV, Internet, etc.

Pay Your Loans With Moneygment

It is very important to repay your loans in time with Moneygment. Just install the app and try.

Pay Your Insurance and Investment

Control your investments and insurance with Moneygment Philippines.

Send Money

Stay connected with your family, relatives, friends. Spend money where you need and get the money in time.

Download Android / iOS App

Download Moneygment Android Application

You can use the app with Moneygment wallet, PayPal, Dragonpay, etc. Also, you can pay with the partners: 7-eleven, Banks, ECPay.

Moneygment Philippines

App fee is the next:

Government Payments – local / transactionPHP 25
Government Payments – OFW / transaction PHP 50
Government Payments – Employer/transaction PHP 50+
Real Property TaxPHP 500
Personal Income Tax filingPHP 650+
Loans, Bills, InsurancePHP 0
To send moneyPHP 150
Money gment mobile application


Email: admin[@] | customercare[@]
Company: Togetech Inc.
Address: Cavalli Business Center, 3rd Floor Corinthian Plaza, 121 Paseo de Roxas St. Makati City, 1226, Philippines
Phone: +6328041614
Support online: 8 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday

Moneygment Reviews

Moneygment reviews
  • If you had the experience to use Moneygment app or currently using one, please provide your feedback, write review lower in the comments. It will be very useful for other Filipinos to know more about the service.
Reviews Moneygment

FAQ About Moneygment PH

If you have any additional questions, please write

⭐ Is Moneygment Philippines Legal Loan Company?

Yes, the company is officially registered by SEC Philippines;

⭐ What Are The Best Loan Apps In The Philippines?

You can try and test Unacash, Cashalo, Tala, Digido, Online Loan Pilipinas, Juanhand, etc.

Moneygment Philippines

Moneygment website

Name: Moneygment

Description: Moneygment by Togetech - best online service for your payments in the Philippines. Manage all your finances in one place with Moneygment apps.

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To know more about Moneygment Philippines, read next:


  • All data is secured
  • Very convenient financial gateway
  • Moneygment educates Filipinos how to spend and manage own finances carefully
  • You can repay loans in time
  • You can use Moneygment app without worring


  • In general no, but maybe not all services are currently connected to the Moneygment, but suppose with time one changes in a better way
  • Sometimes some errors
  • Allow the access to the app even without update
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