FinPal Sri Lanka

This review is about FinPal Sri Lanka service and how you can use one app for making your financial life easier. Focus will be on how people can get money with FinPal.

Interest Rate


Loan Amount

up to 20000 LKR

4.3 / 5

FinPal LK service is like digital solution for all your financial needs. It can do may things:

  • You can apply online loan 24/7;
  • You can send money to anyone you need, just add your credit/debit card;
  • Scan & Pay with LANKAQR;
  • Save your money with Dialog Finance;
  • Also, you can add savings account from any Sri Lanka bank;
  • Earn star points, donate with the app;
  • You can save money and achieve with the app exact goals;
  • Installments are also possible to use with the FinPal app.
FinPal Sri Lanka

FinPal Sri Lanka App

When you click to choose the FinPal apps on the website: Android or iOS you will get to Genie Android/iOS application.

You can use the app with LTE or Wifi, no problem with it. Also, you must understand that you must not share info with anyone about FinPal credentials, cause it is personal responsibility. If you will do it, it is your financial risks.Besides, if you forget the password, just restore it with your mobile phone. Sometimes SMS not coming at once, so wait, please for 1 – 5 minutes. Before starting to use, fill in the personal information and check, please if everything is correct there.

How To Register in FinPal Sri Lanka

  1. Download app from Google Play or App Store;
  2. Type your mob. number and verify it with the OTP password;
  3. Add your NIC Number;
  4. Setup your PIN code and that’s all.

You can add Sri Lankan Mastercard or VISA card: just choose “add card” / verify it with transaction Rs. 1 – 5/ Done. Verification is obvious, in order service could avoid fraudulent transactions. Also, there are net charges for card payments: Lanca Electricity company – Rs 100; Ceylon Electricity Board – Rs 100; National Water Supply and Drainage Board – Rs 50.

What is DF Savings (Digital)

It is digital savings product. It allows to access your money with your mobile phone 24/7. To open it you need to be 18+ years old and be the citizen of Sri Lanka. Of cause, without Finpal app you won’t be able to use it, so you need to download the application.

As or the documents to open account you need:

  1. Valid NIC/DL/PP;
  2. If mailing address differs from those in ID, you need additionally to show some additional proofs: utility bills, Bank Statement, Tenancy Agreement, Income tax receipt, etc, but not older than 3 month.

To deposit money you can use internet banking or your Finpal app; all information is in mobile application, so it is very convenient. With DF account you can transfer money, do bill payments or ATM card requests. No minimum deposit.

If you want to withdraw money, there are some limits:

  • ATM LKR 50,000 per day
  • To other banks LKR 250,000 per 1 transaction
  • To DF savings, not more than 1,000,000 per transaction.

For each transaction you’ll receive e-statement every month. If you need to get certified copy, you need to visit Dialog Finance and get your copy.

The interest rate of this product is 4,50% p.a., but company has rights to change it.

  • Yous start to earn from the 1st date of deposit;
  • Interest is calculated every day;
  • interest is created on every 25th day of the month;
  • As for the charges CEFT transfers are free, no charges, but ATM charges will apply;
  • No minimum balance;
  • You can’t open joint savings account, currently no such option;
  • ATM charges are: withdrawals from banks 30 LKR; balance inquiry LKR 7,50; ATM card replacement will take 100 LKR;
  • If you want to request ATM card you need open Savings Account / Get your ATM Card / choose Dialog Finance ATM Card / and choose the option how you want to get one.


Don’t know what to do, write to the FinPal support team:


Facebook page is out of date, the last update was in June 2019

FinPal FAQ

⭐ What to do, if you lost your mobile phone?

Well, in this situation, please write asap to FinPal support team: service[@]

⭐ Are there any charges?

Finpal is the free app, but one use to products: eZ Cash and Genie, so you can be charged by these products according the service you’ll use.

⭐ What is eZ Cash account?

Ez Cash is the mobile wallet which allow people to have cash account in your smartphone. In FinPal app you can add it with several clicks, just choose the icon and enter your eZ Cash PIN. You can top up one by transferring money via internet banking or some other relevant banking apps. Besides, if you need to restore your eZ Cash pin, just call 7111.

⭐ What are the alternatives to get money in Sri Lanka?

You can do it with the next loan services: CashX, Lotus Loan, OnCredit, FastRupee, LoanMe. These services provides quick loans online, so be aware about the terms and interest rates, cause they are for sure higher than in bank products: consumer loans / credit cards. Read terms and if you decide to get loan from the lenders, please be sure and responsible before yourself to be ready repay loan in time, so you were able to avoid fines, penalties, decreasing your credit score and other no need financial problems.

FinPal Sri Lanka powered by Dialog Finance

finpal sri lanka

Name: FinPal Sri Lanka

Description: FinPal Sri Lanka - is the financial service which allow to get loan, send money, save money. Pay bills with FinPal and solve all finance issues with one apps.

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