Interest Rate

depends on the lender

Loan Amount

up to PHP 25000

3.6 / 5

Finami Philippines - it is not a lender, just loan comparison service. With one you can find the lender with the best terms for your financial needs. Please, read all terms!

  • Loan amount up to PHP 25.000
  • Loan period 1 - 12 months
  • Citizenship only Filipinos
  • Age 21+ years
  • Documents 1 major ID
  • Collateral no need

Looking for a quick and convenient solution to your urgent financial needs? Finami PH will help you to find the best lender with all appropriate options. Get your money online asap with the best terms.

Finami Philippines

For borrowers, responsible lending is very important, cause it helps Filipinos really understand how to use loans in the best way. All borrowers should evaluate their financial situation and determine the actual amount they need to borrow. Understand loan terms is crucial, so, please read everything in the contracts. How to repay your loan and what will be if you will not do it in time – everything should be transparent for borrowers. Compare all terms with other loan companies, find the best terms. If borrowers practice responsible lending habits, one can better manage their finances and well-being, also it helps for sure to avoid unnecessary debt burdens.

Finami Philippines & How To Apply For A Loan Online

5 Simple Steps to Obtain a Finami Loan in the Philippines:

  1. Submit your loan application: complete the application process, providing the necessary information. This typically takes about 3 minutes. Remember, Finami helps connect you with lenders, but does not provide loans directly;
  2. Register with the lender: you will proceed to register on the lender’s website or app. This step involves providing additional details and fulfilling any specific requirements as instructed by the lender;
  3. Receive your funds: Once you have completed the registration process, the lender will disburse the approved loan amount. In most cases, you can expect to receive the money up to 1 hour;
  4. Repay your loan in time: It is crucial to make timely repayments as per the agreed terms with the lender. Failure to do so may result in penalties or negative consequences for your credit score. Ensure you understand the repayment schedule and fulfil your obligations accordingly.

Remember, Finami is here to assist you in connecting with reputable lenders. However, the loan process and repayment terms are determined by the individual lenders themselves.

Finami loan application

Comparison Service Contacts

Contact information doesn´t provided enough, keep attention to it.

CompanyInfinsacom kft

Finami Reviews

If you had the opportunity to use the Finami service, would be great to hear about your experience! Share your feedback and help others make informed decisions about their financial needs.

FAQ About Finami in the Philippines

Is Finami Service Legal?

No and yes. Finami Philippines does not provide paid services for credit products. Instead, it offers a list of offers from credit institutions and non-credit financial organizations where clients can apply for credit products.

The project is not a bank or lender and is not responsible for loan agreements or guarantees. The service is for individuals over 18+ years old. Calculations in the provided calculators are based on average interest rates from financial institutions, but all exact information you will find on the lenders´ website or apps.

What Are the Finami Advantages?

Comparison service has some key benefits:

– 24/7 Accessibility: you can apply for one any time;
– Personalized Comparison: service provides additional information in order borrower could compare various lenders and choose the best option;
– Quick Request Processing: platform processes your loan request almost immediately, providing you with prompt results and saving you time;
– Nationwide Coverage: online service covers the entire Philippines, enabling users to access the platform from anywhere in the country.

Discover the convenience and flexibility of Finami’s loan comparison service today. Compare loan offers and make informed decisions to meet your financial needs.Also, please don´t apply for a loan if you are not sure you´ll be able to repay it in time!

Finami Company


Name: Finami PH

Description: Finami Philippines - online helper for borrowers to find the best loan for your urgent needs. Get your money asap, but read all terms before applying the loan.

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