Pinoy Peso Philippines

Interest Rate

5% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000

2.5 / 5

Pinoy Peso Philippines - apply for a quick online loan in the Philippines.

  • Loan amount up to PHP 20000
  • Loan period Up to 6 months
  • Interest rate 5% per month
  • Age 18+ years
  • Citizenship only for Filipino
  • SEC registration CS201909928
  • Instant receipt of money, without downtime in queues
  • you can apply for a loan around the clock
  • transparent terms
  • App is not available, so you should choose some alternative one

Important: Pinoy Peso app was deleted from the Google Play, so it is not safe to download it somewhere from other APK sources. If you want to apply for a quick loan, you can try the next loan apps and services in the Philippines. Also, you can find our short remind about Pinoy Peso loan service here.

Most people today want to resolve their financial issues as quickly as possible. The primary mission of the Pinoy Peso company is financial assistance immediately after citizens’ appeal. You don’t even have to visit branches in person.

To receive the required amount, you only need a passport, the age of majority, and stable Internet access to fill out a form to receive the necessary amount. And for the funds to go where they need to, you will need to provide the correct data of a valid card from any bank. The advantage over banks is the efficiency of the company, as well as round-the-clock work. Assistance is available even on weekends and public holidays.

Pinoy Peso Philippines
Pinoy Peso Philippines

About Pinoy Peso

The platform Pinoy Peso is distinctive. Inclusive Credit Lending Inc. runs it. For individuals who want emergency cash or simply wish to apply for a personal loan, customers may obtain secure, inexpensive, and trusted online services here. The company’s key selling point is that it provides loans in pesos at a cheap interest rate. All Filipinos would receive assistance from the corporation to maintain their financial status, which is better now.

It should be highlighted that the business is legitimate. It is essential to be excellent for individuals unsure whether this platform and its application can be trusted. It is a proven company that provides quality services.

How to Apply for a Pinoy Peso loan

The application process is intuitive, thanks to the system of sequential prompts on the site. To apply for a loan, you need:

  1. select the required Pinoy Peso loan options using the calculator on the main page;
  2. when you are ready to take a loan and agree to the proposed conditions, click on Get money;
  3. enter personal data, read the Rules for granting loans and processing personal data, tick the box to indicate your agreement with them, and click Continue;
  4. receive an SMS code on the specified mobile phone, enter it in the window that opens, and click Continue;
  5. wait for the application to be processed;
  6. choose one of the proposed options for receiving funds and enter the relevant details (card data, wallet, etc.);
  7. confirm the readiness to receive a loan on the specified conditions by remotely signing a loan agreement using an SMS code received on the phone specified during registration;
  8. pass identification in the manner proposed by Pino Pay, at the end of the procedure, you can receive funds in the previously selected way;
  9. repay the loan in time to avoid penalties.
Pinoy Peso Philippines
Pinoy Peso Philippines

How to Repay Pinoy Peso loan Philippines

When the due date for payment is nearing, Pinoy Peso customer care representatives will SMS clients a reminder about the loan transaction and payback terms. It has the significant benefit that the client will never forget the due dates and make payments on time.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that each individual must rigorously pay through only permitted payment partners and utilize the code number supplied in the application. Customers can therefore be trusted by the business to get another loan in the future. However, it is crucial to get in touch with the organization’s personnel to sort out this issue if you have an overdue loan at Pinoy Peso Philippines and are having problems with the return.

All Pinoy Peso Terms – Loan Requirements, Interest Rates, Calculator 

The appeal of employing the services offered by this platform is that loans may be made available to any Filipino. In other words, cash loans are not constrained by your occupation, salary, or other factors. Clients can apply for a loan if they are above 18 years old, have a fixed income, and have a phone number.

Pinoy Peso Loan App

The advantage of this platform is that it offers an excellent application for its customers:

  • in the application, each client sees the status of the loan;
  • the app can provide a good credit experience;
  • with the help of the application, you can get the approval of the application in real-time;
  • borrowers can get money anytime, anywhere;
  • loan amount up to PHP 20,000;

Moreover, this platform can be downloaded for free.

Pinoy Peso App
Pinoy Peso App

PP Contacts

Some Pinoy Peso contacts, so you were able to write them and ask additional questions:

CompanyInclusive Credit Lending Inc.
Websitenot working
Phone+639150684397 and +639294822658
Address27th Floor, Unit No. 2704, Tycoon Center Building, Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig.

Pinoy Peso Reviews

Customers praise this business. There is currently no Pinoy Peso review in the Philippines, despite the Pinoy Peso app had a 4.2 rating on Google Play, but currently, it is not available. On the Facebook page, some reviews attest to how quickly the application was processed and how generally happy clients were with the service. Nobody had payment issues. Therefore, this business is dependable.

FAQ About Pinoy Peso PH

With the help of some questions and answers to them, customers can find out more in-depth information about this company. Thus, it is easy to understand whether this financial institution is legal, its advantages, and the peculiarities of using loans.

Is Pinoy Peso Legal?

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) provides data on every financial institution in the country. However, if any organizations are not on her list, then perhaps such a company is not entirely worth trusting. The same cannot be said about Pinoy Peso. This platform is on the lists of licensed financial representatives and provides the following information:

> registration number CS201909928;
> certificate of Authorization 3007;
> anniversary date 21 June 19;
> interest rates 5%.

It means that the company has passed all the necessary checks, and you can trust it, but it is not available in Google Play at the moment, so better to choose other loan services. Also, don’t believe all lenders who are registered in the SEC Philippines, read all terms and requirements, analyze information, and find the right solution for you.

About Inclusive Credit Lending Inc. (Pinoy Peso)

Inclusive Credit Lending Inc. is a company that helps Filipinos borrow money at any time of the day or night. The company has been operating for several years. To fill out an application for an online loan, it is enough to have access to the Internet and indicate personal data and the bank card number where the money will be transferred. The financial institution accepts applications for lending seven days a week, at any time of the day.

Why Do Customers Have To Apply For Pinoy Peso Cash Loan?

Pinoy Peso has a whole range of operating principles that they try to follow:
1) Traditional transparency of all transactions. If the client does not allow a delay on the loan, then overpayments and cash-on-delivery payments for using borrowed funds will not follow;
2) There is no need to confirm your place of work, income, or look for guarantors. In addition, Pinoy Peso assists citizens around the clock in real-time;
3) Company documents are provided to customers in the public domain, without hiding license numbers and other essential documents. This approach builds audience loyalty and trust.

Pinoy Peso Philippines

pinoy peso philippines

Name: Pinoy Peso PH

Description: Pinoy Peso Philippines loan app can provide quick loans for Filipinos, but at the moment it is not available. Just a short review about Pinoy Peso, one term, requirements, and other information. Also, you can find out more about the alternatives, so you were able to apply for a salary loan in the Philippines right now.

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Summing Up About Pinoy App

Any person can have money problems; in this case, it is far from always possible to ask for an advance at work, borrow from friends or reschedule a purchase. However, Pinoy Peso it could be the solution to financial problems, but it doesn’t available, so you need to choose some other lender.

The main clients of such a service are people who urgently need to resolve financial issues. The speed of decision-making and ease of registration are the most critical factors here. And here, Pinoy Peso and its microcredits are beyond competition. They accept loan applications online and often around the clock, impose minimal document requirements, almost always declare an effective interest rate, and decide on issuance in a matter of minutes.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that Pinoy Peso is a good company, but you can´t trust it, cause one app was deleted, and the website is not available, so, please just choose another loan service.

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