Peso Buffet Philippines

Interest Rate

0,01% for the 1st loan

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 10.000

2.7 / 5

Peso Buffet Philippines provides short-term loans in a quick way. If you need money urgently, a lending service can help you, but you must repay the loan in time, cause if not, you will get an additional pack of problems from the lender: fines, higher commission, additional fees, decreased credit score, etc.

  • Loan amount PHP 2.000 - PHP 10.000
  • Loan period 180 - 365 days
  • APR 10,00% - 20,00%
  • Citizenship Only Filipino
  • Age 21+ years old
  • Documents 1 Major ID
  • Employment Reliable source of income
  • SEC Registration 2021050012959-04
  • Certificate of Authority 3454

Peso Buffet Philippines – it is the brand of loan app that was developed by Copperstone Lending Inc. Company provides quick unsecured loans online for Filipinos. You don´t need any collateral to apply for a loan. Just download the PesoBuffet app, register, add your personal information, and apply for the application form. No paperwork, all process is online. You can receive up to PHP 10.000 on your e-wallet or bank account. All transactions are secured and data is protected.

Peso Buffet Philippines
Peso Buffet Philippines

How To Apply For A Loan With Peso Buffet App

  1. Go to the Google Play Market;
  2. Download and open the app;
  3. Go through the registration process;
  4. Add your personal information;
  5. Read the terms and apply for the loan;
  6. If the loan service will be positive, you will get your money;
  7. Don´t forget to repay your loan before the due date.
Peso Buffet App
Peso Buffet App

How To Repay PB Loan

You can do it with the help of the PesoBuffet mobile app. There you can find all information about repayment and where you can realize it. The following companies can help you with it: GCash, Maya, M Lhuillier, RD Pawnshop, 7-11.

What Will Happen If You Will Not Repay PesoBuffet Loan in time:

  • you will get reminders and notifications about your debt, your late fees, extra interest rate, etc.
  • if the borrower will ignore it, a lending company can sell your loan to the collection agencies;
  • also, if you will not repay your loan in time, it will lead to additional financial problems, will decrease your credit score, will have some additional legal problems, etc.

So, if you can´t repay PesoBuffet loan in time, don´t apply for one at all!

PB Contacts

If you need to contact the support team, check the following contacts:

CompanyCopperstone Lending Inc.
Service hours9 am – 6 pm

Peso Buffet Reviews

Peso Buffet Loan App
Peso Buffet Loan App

Peso Buffet has not so good reviews from different people, so, please before applying the loan, please check all terms and moments. You had to be sure everything is ok for you before taking money in Peso Buffet service. Also, don´t download Peso Buffet mobile application from the APK, only from the Google Play, cause it is more secure.

FAQ About PesoBuffet in the Philippines

Is Peso Buffet Legit Company?

Yes, Peso Buffet is the brand of Copperstone Lending Inc. which is registered in the SEC Philippines. So, a lending company is legal and works according to the Philippines laws;

What Are The Alternative Services, if You Can´t Get a Loan with PesoBuffet?

You can try the next services: Tonik Card, Digido salary loan, Tala or UnaCash apps, Finbro loan service, or use some broker: Crezu, Binixo, or LoanOnline to find the loan service which will be good for you.

Is Peso Buffet Scam?

On one side not, cause this is a legal company that is registered in the SEC Philippines, but on another side, it is enough strange, cause not enough public information about the service, not enough testimonials, and no information on social networks about the loan service, no information about PesoBuffet Team on Linkedin or in general, etc. So, compared with lenders that belong to some international groups, the Peso Buffet loan app is not enough transparent in the Internet;

Peso Buffet Harassment And Complaints

PesoBuffet has aggressive collection methods, so you should be aware of it. They can send you messages, call you and the people from your contact list. These and other actions will be enough stressful, so better to repay your loan before the due date!

Copperstone Lending Inc.

pesobuffet loan philippines

Name: Peso Buffet PH

Description: Peso Buffet is powered by Copperstone Lending Inc. - it is a loan app in the Philippines. Apply for a fast online loan and get up to PHP 10000 for your urgent needs. The online app can help you to get money asap, but don´t forget to repay it, in order to avoid additional financial issues.

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