Pedicash Philippines

Interest Rate

18% per annum

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 30.000

3 / 5

Pedicash Philippines (Whale Tail Lending Services Inc.) is a micro-lending application that allows you to get fast money online for your urgent needs up to PHP 30000.

  • Loan amount PHP 30.000
  • Loan period 120 days
  • Interest rate (APR) 18%
  • Transaction fee PHP 150
  • Service fee 10% - 20%
  • Age 21 - 65 years
  • Registration No. CS202105682
  • Certificate of Authority 3462
  • All process is online, so it is easy to apply for the loan with Pedicash
  • With the app usually you can check your loan status 24/7 and have all necessary information in your pocket
  • Fines, penalties, additional commissions if you will not repay your loan in time
  • The lender website is without https, so it is really strange and not secured
  • There is no app in the Google Play, only APKCombo or other markets

Many loans are issued online around the clock. To apply for funds, in most cases, it is enough to contact a specialist of the organization by phone or via the Internet. Pedicash is one of the many platforms in the Philippines that allows you to get fast loans online. It is a peer-to-peer lending organization. It is an excellent option for people who need to borrow some funds and those who need to invest them somewhere.

The organization’s primary goal is to accelerate access to financial services for the undervalued market of the Philippines. All online loans require the borrower to provide a passport and other personal data. As a rule, you do not need to provide any additional documents besides a passport.

Pedicash Philippines
Pedicash Philippines

Pedicash PH Apply Loan Online

The most convenient way to get a loan is to go to a peer-to-peer organization. Pedicash Philippines offers this opportunity. A person can get funds with a bank card conveniently without leaving your home. You can apply for a loan online on the organization’s website. We have collected all the information about Pedicash, where you can urgently borrow money on a card, including with a passport and without permanent registration.

Where Can I Download the Pedicash App?

To get an application through which it is elementary to get an affordable amount of money, it is worth going through a few steps:

  1. First, you should go to the App Store or APKCombo and download the app to your smartphone. It is essential to find the Pedicash loan app in the search bar.
  2. Next, it is crucial to create an account and enter all the data the application asks to provide.
  3. After that, you can create an application for creating a loan. It is crucial to enter all the correct data here because if you do this correctly, you can count on a quick and hassle-free loan opening.
  4. You need to find the loan amount with the wanted period and withdrawal options in the appropriate field.

After filling out a quick application, you can receive the money within a short time.

Pedicash app
Pedicash app

What Are The Loan Terms & Requirements

The terms of the loan from this financial provider are pretty flexible. Many of the citizens can match them. To receive a loan from this institution, the client must have a stable income from an office job and not be over 65 years of age. Among other things, it is essential to provide a copy of the passport, an e-mail address, and a current phone number for contacting the company manager during registration. The rate of this loan is 18 percent per year. You can get a large amount of money from 2 thousand to 20 thousand pesos.

My Honest Review on PEDICASH Online Loan | Interest rate, Days to Pay

How To Repay Pedicash Loan

Paying off a loan is easy if you know who to contact. In the case of Pedicash, the company offers repayment terms through various payment services such as 7-11, M Lhuillier, RD Pawnshop, GCash, ECPay, and True Money.

To cope with your obligations as a borrower faster, you can pay off your debt quickly and forget about the loan. However, if times get tough, you can always ask for a suspension of payments.

Pedicash repay loan
Pedicash repay loan

The Main Advantages of the Platform

Among the main advantages of the Pedicash platform:

  • The registration process, from filling out the application to receiving the money, takes very little time — the deadline is no more than one day, but with some methods, it can be longer.
  • Instant receipt of money after the approval of the application.
  • No guarantors or collateral is required.
  • You do not need to confirm the size and sources of income. The application only notes the amount of revenue for each month, which is checked against the average for the region where the loan is issued.

Moreover, Pedicash is less demanding on credit history than banks — you can get a loan if it is absent or there are problems. Special offers are often available for borrowers — from interest-free loans at the first application to discounts for regular customers.

Pedicash Loan Online
Pedicash Loan Online

Pedicash Contacts

If you will have some additional questions, you can contact the support team or write your questions in the comments lower, we´ll try to help you with the information.

CompanyWhale Tail Lending Services Inc.
BrandPedicash Philippines
Pedicash Repay Loan
Pedicash Contacts

Pedicash Reviews

If you had the experience to use the Pedicash PH loan app, please write about it lower in the comments. It will be interesting for other people.

FAQ About Pedicash Philippines

Several relevant questions can help you understand how suitable this financial representative is for a particular client. With the help of answers to them, a person will decide for himself whether specific conditions are ideal for him or whether an organization is worth trusting in general.

⭐ Is Pedicash Philippines Legit?

Pedicash is a unique lending platform that is licensed and registered by the SEC. This organization is governed by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. From this, we can conclude that this platform is worth your trust.
However, if you are afraid, it is better to measure seven times and cut once. You may review the Terms and Conditions and all legal statements before signing any financial transaction online.

⭐ How to Increase Your Limits, and Why Isn’t It Growing?

Each person can increase the credit limit with a card from Pedicash. To do this, you need to perform several steps. But there are also certain limitations. The main one is the natural maximum of the credit card itself.

Every one can increase his credit card limit without any extra effort:
– Use your card actively. For a financial institution, this is an essential condition. Otherwise, the company will decide that you do not need a loan, which means it is unnecessary to increase its limit.
– Don’t skip the required payment. Pedicash always keeps track of credit history. And especially carefully — the last months of using the card.
– Pay in advance. Paying the loan on the previous day, you risk delaying sooner or later. Financial institutions do not like delays.

⭐ What Are The Alternative Loan Services To Pedicash?

The online loan providers that offer the fastest approval are Cashwagon Cash Loan, Tala Philippines, and Asteria. To get money quickly, you should apply online for a personal loan from a lender known for fast approval and financing. LightStream is also considered a trustworthy platform. The financial institution issues loans on the same day with low-interest rates, large loan amounts, extended repayment periods, and no issuance fees.

⭐ What Happens If I Can’t Repay On Time?

If you understand that you cannot make payments on the loan on time and in full, you should immediately contact the bank. You should not hide and hope your debt will be forgiven and forgotten. Even if collectors do not call you and do not write from the bank, interest, and fines still accrue, the debt grows, and the credit history worsens. The correct thing in such a situation is to contact the lender and try to change the repayment schedule.

⭐ Why Should You Choose or Not Choose Pedicash?

As it is not paradoxical, the loan from Pedicash outperforms bank card products in many positions. The main advantages are the speed of service, the interest rate, and the functionality of the financial benefits of this platform. A quick credit card is easier and more convenient for the consumer, especially when Pedicash offers a credit card around the clock.

Only in Pedicash do you immediately know how much it will cost to get a loan. You can’t think of anything more straightforward than this — you write down the wanted amount and term on the site and right away see how much the overpayment will be. Even before applying for a loan, the person will know the amount of all payments.

Many banks now lend only to repeat borrowers. Most often, the reason for refusal is information from a credit history — many Filipinos have had problems with paying loans and loans in the past. Banks often refuse such clients. And Pedicash, on the contrary, knows how to work with them.

Whale Tail Lending Services Inc.

pedicash philippines

Name: Pedicash PH

Description: Pedicash Philippines is the brand of Whale Tail Lending Services Inc. With the help of a loan application, you can apply online loan for your urgent needs, and for this all you need is to do several steps and the money will be on your bank account.

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Summary & Several Thoughts About Pedicash Philippines Loan Service

Lending services at present are in great demand and popular among the masses. Often this is due not only to human whims and desires but also to urgent needs. After all, considerable financial investments are required for treatment, restoration of housing, or transport after an emergency and other events.

Pedicash is a unique offering for microcredit. With it, you can quickly get the required amount on the card and do not worry about any requirements — they do not exist here! Moreover, those who are tormented by doubts about the legality of this company can calm down because Pedicash is a proven financial representative. With its help, thousands of Filipinos have already received money and repaid loans without any problems, thanks to the pleasant terms of the contract.

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