MoneyTree Quick Loan

Interest Rate


Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000

3.9 / 5

MoneyTree Philippines - apply for an online loan when you really need it. Quick salary loans in the Philippines. Try it now.

  • Unsecured loans PHP 2.000 - PHP 10.000
  • Loan period 1 - 6 months
  • Secured loans PHP 5.000 - PHP 20.000
  • Loan period up to 12 months

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MoneyTree Philippines

MoneyTree Quick Loan – lending company in the Philippines. In Autumn 2019 it was banned by the SEC, cause of people’s complaints, so be careful with one. Service provided with quick cash loans making the process easy for borrowers. So, after a loan submit to get money user usually needs 1-2 days.

MoneyTree Quick Loan
MoneyTree Quick Loan

MoneyTree Quick Loan offers unsecured payday loans in the Philippines.

MoneyTree Quick Loan Philippines

The company offers several products:

  • Small personal loans
  • Cash Advance for Metro Manila and other Filipinos – when you need extra money and don’t want to waste time – this is the way to use MoneyTree;
  • Payday Loan – well, customers need quick loan
  • Emergency Loans – usually it is situations, to which no one can be prepared on 100% and borrowers usually need a fast loan asap; loan amount here is up to PHP 3000;


  • Loan amount: from PHP 2000 – PHP 10000
  • Loan period: 15 days – 6 months
  • Interest rate: 10% depending on the loan terms
  • Late payment: +10%
  • What about requirements: 2 valid IDs, last 2 payslips, last 3-month bank statement, proof of billing (electricity, phone/mobile billing service, etc.
  • Repayments can be done via PayMaya or with the help of bank account
  • Repayment fee: no
  • The application can be under review up to 1 day, and 1-2 days to get money on your bank account, etc.

Responsible Lending: you as borrower need to understand, that if you take loan, you need to repay one. Don’t apply the loan, if you don’t know how and when will give money back. This is very important, cause lending services solve finance problems only timely. Don’t get into overdue, cause it is very badly influence your credit score and finance stability.

How To Repay Loan

You can repay loans weekly, monthly, etc:

  1. Via PayMaya;
  2. 7/11 Kiosks;
  3. Direct deposit via bank;


Working timeLoan service works only Monday – Friday days
  • MoneyTree Quick Loan is owned by FreedomPeak Financial Management Consultancy

MoneyTree Reviews

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FAQ About MoneyTree Lending Company

⭐ Is MoneyTree Legit Company?

The company had registration in SEC # CS201127632;
Certificate of Authority: 1031
Check more information here

⭐ Where Else Can You Apply Online In The Philippines?

Digido, Cashxpress, OLP, Pitacash, Finbro can help you to apply for a quick loan in 15 minutes.

FreedomPeak Financial Management Consultancy

Summary About MoneyTree Philippines

What do you know more about MoneyTree Quick Loan:


  • Quick application process


  • Company isn’t transparent
  • Banned by SEC
  • High interest rate
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