Madali Loan

Interest Rate

0,08% per day or more

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 20.000

3.7 / 5

Madali Loan can support your finance needs, so you can apply and get up to PHP 20000, but be aware about terms when applying and read especially contract to be sure you understand everything on 100%.

  • Loan amount PHP 3000 - PHP 20000
  • Long term 91 - 180 days
  • Interest rate 0,08% per day
  • APR 29%
  • Transaction fee online PHP 80 | offline PHP 180
  • Service fee 0,1%
  • Overdue fine 5%
  • Daily overdue interest rate 3% per day
  • Citizenship only for Filipinos
  • Age 18+ years
  • SEC Registration CS202000000916
  • Certificate of Authority 1274
  • Everything online
  • Approval time can be up to 24 hour
  • High loan amount
  • Madali Loan company has automatic evaluation process
  • High interest rate
  • Service and other fees
  • No information about the team, but Facebook page is up to dated
  • Don´t see app in the Google Play, you can download it only on other APK websites

This is review of Madali Loan service in the Philippines. We decided to make this review and structured all information about service, so Filipinos were about one. Here we’ll write about terms, requirements, contacts, reviews. So, if you want to know more about Madali Loan, please continue to read.

Madali Loan positions itself as a Fintech platform in the Philippines, offering cash loans to provide users with financial flexibility on-demand. Madali Loan can apply every Filipino 18+ years old. You can get loan up to PHP 20000 and for this you need just 1 ajor ID. Service is presented for Android and iOS systems.

Madali Loan Philippines

Madali Loan – it is fintech platform in the Philippines, so people could apply loan when they need it. If you have lack of funds, you can get additional one from the loan service, but DON’T APPLY ONE, IF YOU REALLY HAVE NO NEED IN IT;

If you want to count everything, look for the next example:

Loan amountPHP 10000
Term91 day
Interest will be10000*29% (APR)/365*91 = PHP 723
Service fee10000*0,1% = PHP 10
Repayment amountPHP 10000 + PHP 723 = PHP 10 = PHP 10733
✅Madali Loan: Approved Agad Ang Loan Ko No Transaction Fee #honestreview .#soniakidstv1064

Madali Loan – Hot To Get PHP 20000

madaliloan philippines

To get Madali Loan you need:

  1. Download MadaliLoan mobile application in the Google Play or Apple Store;
  2. Register there and fill in your personal information;
  3. Choose the way you need for getting money;
  4. Get cash in 15-30 minutes after phone verification;
  5. Don’t forget to repay loan in time to avoid penalty fees.
Madali Loan Apply

MadaliLoan Contacts

If you have any questions, you can write to the support team:

Facebook page
Working time9 am – 6 pm
AddressPhilippines, Polaris str. Markati Avenue, Metro Manila
  • it is strange that service hasn’t corporate email address;
  • Madali Loan Facebook page isn’t active;
  • Service has average score in the Apple Store;
  • Not enough reviews in Google.

Madali Loan Reviews

If you use Madali Loan service before, please write about it more in the comments lower. Your feedback will be interesting and useful to other people.

p.s. you can find many reviews on Apple Store, and let’s structure what people write about Madaliloan:

  • Someone recommend this app, everything works great;
  • Agent contacts you before 5 days the expiration date and this is cool experience;
  • Enough good and transparent terms;
  • Their phones are always busy or unreachable, incompetent agents, person doesn’t recommend this application;
  • Very rude support:, recommend better use OLP Philippines;
  • Enough high processing fees + interest rate, also where stories that service will find the friends in Facebook for collecting payment; person recommend to use Tala, etc.

In general, application in the Apple Store has 3.9 out of 5 score (427 ratings);

Questions About Madali Service

Also, you can ask some additional questions about the service in the comments lower.


⭐ Is Madali Loan Legal?

Yes, it is legal. Madali Loan belongs to Quark Financing Corp.:
Registration: CS20200000916
CA Number: 1274
Full list of registered online lending companies to check.

⭐ What are the Alternative Lenders?

For example, you can try:
1) JuanHand
2) Unacash
3) Cashpress
4) Robocash
5) Online Loan Pilipinas
Compare the terms and choose the company you really need.

⭐ How To Repay Loan?

You need to choose several options in the app, but the most convenient way is to use your credit card;

⭐ What will be, if you will not repay in time?

1) Fine 5%;
2) Interest rate will be up to 3% per day;
3) Your credit score will be decreased;
4) Collectors can start call you;
5) Madali Loan can claim on the borrower.

Madali Loan Philippines

madaliloan ph

Name: Madali Loan Philippines

Description: If you need asap money up to PHP 20000 in the Philippines, Madali Loan can help you, just be sure terms are ok for you and don't forget to repay loan in time, so you were able avoid all troubles that leads overdue payment.

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Summary about Madali Loan

Madali Loan can provide with money asap up to PHP 20000.

You just must be aware about:

  1. Terms, if they are ok fo you;
  2. Requirements – all you need to apply quick loan;
  3. It is mobile application and one will have access to your personal data and contacts, you should understand it;
  4. Also, important to apply loan only when you really huge need to get money fast;
  5. You should compare Madali Loan with other lenders, in order you were sure you got the best terms you can;
  6. If you have credit card, please use it, instead applying to installment loan services;
  7. You must, just must to repay loan in time, don’t play with it!


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