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Loanmoto Philippines -


Loanmoto Philippines – an online loan is a type of loan that can be obtained through the MFI website. Previously, it was impossible to imagine that a loan for a significant amount could be issued literally from home without the need to go to banks and provide documents. Microfinance organizations offer loans on the most favorable terms and the entire procedure is performed online on the company’s website.

Online card credit is a service that has recently gained tremendous popularity. Unlike a bank loan, which requires many documents and a relatively long registration procedure, a quick credit card can be issued in half an hour without leaving home. The application is submitted, the agreement is signed online, and the money is credited to the card. However, the limit is much smaller than in banks.

Loanmoto Philippines
Loanmoto Philippines

It is advisable to order a credit card online in emergencies — for instance, when there are insufficient funds for urgent treatment or equipment repair (or for household expenses before salary).

A fantastic opportunity to obtain a quick loan is Loanmoto Philippines. Using this platform, any Filipino person may get a loan without hassles. This is an easy-to-use solution for mobile lending that needs an ID. Each customer can download and install the program to utilize the Internet service. After that, you may purchase everything you need to improve your quality of life right now, wherever you are.

How to Apply for a Loan With Loanmoto

Just a couple of steps and money from Loanmoto will be available on the borrower’s card:

  • calculating the amount is a real opportunity to assess your financial strength. It is easy to calculate the interest rate and the amount that will have to be returned;
  • making an application for the required amount;
  • provision of documents;
  • waiting for consideration of the application;
  • perceiving money to the card linked to the user’s personal account.

And there is no need to look for an offline bank, stand in line, open separate accounts or cards, collect unnecessary certificates, and more. You can take loans online while sitting at home on the sofa without stress and haste.

Loanmoto Terms and Requirements

Thanks to Loanmoto online loans, solving temporary financial difficulties has become very easy. Having collected all the documents, you must register on the website and complete the application online. Users with minimal experience using the World Wide Web can do all this quickly. The site has simple tips and specialists who are always on call, ready to help with solving any financial issues.

In this platform, loyalty defines each specific condition. It targets persons who have access to all of their financial data. But neither the age group nor the socioeconomic standing impacts this. All residents who are adults can issue a loan from Loanmoto: Those formally employed, pensioners, and college students may also be eligible for loans.

Loanmoto understands how important it is to quickly get money on credit to a card or account on the Internet without delay if unforeseen expenses have arisen and cash receipts or financial assistance from loved ones is late. Each application in the Loanmoto service is evaluated by a scoring system that analyzes more than a hundred parameters from open sources and issues a decision within a few minutes. Thanks to this, the rate of positive responses is 90%, and quick loans on a card via the Internet are a reality, not an empty promise.

How To Repay Loanmoto Loan

Each person can pay the loan at any of the following branches of DragonPay payment partners:

  • Bayad Center;
  • SM department store and supermarket, payment counters, and Savemore;
  • Robinson’s department stores and supermarkets;
  • Cebuana Lhuillier;
  • BBC;
  • 7-11.

To pay, you need to use the link number that Loanmoto will send to the registered email address and the SMS address to the registered mobile phone number. You can then use DragonPay as a merchant (or Dragonloans for 7-Eleven).

Loanmoto Contacts

When using financial services, questions and technical problems cannot be avoided. You can clarify all the problematic points if you contact the specialists of the chosen platform. For more information, the user can contact Loanmoto Philippines.


Pay attention that website is without https. The email address is just gmail, but not corporative one.

Loanmoto Reviews

On the Internet, you can not find many reviews about this company. Perhaps not all customers were ready to leave reviews. In any case, checking the company several times before trusting them and taking out a loan here is essential.

FAQ About Loanmoto in the Philippines

A few questions with answers will help clarify whether this lending institution is right for you.

Is Loanmoto Philippines Legal?

The legislation mandates that every financial organization wishing to conduct business in the Philippines get permission. This is the responsibility of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The fact that Loanmoto is listed on the official government website,, suggests that the business is legitimate.
Among its traits are:
Power of attorney 2718; 
Registration number CS201814908; 

What Are the Advantages of Loanmoto?

Among the significant advantages:
Minimum terms. Online credit is just a couple of minutes. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes to complete an application. Money will be credited to the specified card, wherever you are. That is, there is no need to look for a bank branch, stand in line and wait several days for applications to be processed;
Security guarantee. All personal data required to take out a loan online will be protected. All financial transactions will be encrypted following international security certificates;

Qualified specialists are ready to help at all stages of cooperation. Experienced and courteous specialists are always in contact with clients who are prepared to explain the nuances of loan processing and money return in detail.
The number of companies that offer a similar loan option is constantly growing. When choosing a finance organization in the Philippines, paying attention to the availability of appropriate licenses and patents for credit and financial activities is essential. One of the options is Loanmoto.

Loanmoto Philippines


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Summary About Loanmoto PH Service

Each of us at least once found ourselves in a situation where financial assistance is urgently needed, but receiving money is not expected. Credit card limit almost at zero? Do you need money for groceries, clothes, utility bills, or car repairs? The best option to solve the problem is to use the Loanmoto application wherever possible — to quickly borrow money on a card from Loanmoto in the Philippines.

In the Philippines’ financial sector, LoanMoTo Philippines is a cutting-edge company. These financial organizations, many of which have recently gained popularity, provide a beautiful alternative to the prevalent lending practices.

To benefit from them, people can obtain minor loans through LoanMoTo Loan, a legally recognized corporation. MFIs ease Filipinos’ lives, who are fed up with the country’s economic problems and ongoing price hikes. The best and most logical answer is a quick loan from LoanMoTo.

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