Lemon Loan Philippines

Interest Rate

2,00% per day

Loan Amount

Up to PHP 10.000

2.2 / 5

Lemon Loan (Joywin Lending Investor, Inc.) can help you to solve urgently your financial needs i you have no other options. Check terms and apply loan online, if you really need it.

  • Loan amount Up to PHP 10.000
  • Loan period Up to 120 days
  • Interest rate up to 2,00% per day
  • APR 110%
  • Age 18+
  • Citizenship Filipino
  • Documents 1 major ID
  • Certiicate of authority 2303
  • SEC registration CS201826247
  • All process is online
  • High interest rate
  • Was banned by NPC
  • Website without https

This reviews is about Lemon Loan app and how it works at Philipines. Terms, requirements, contracts, etc. If you need quick salary loan, service can support you, just check it now.

Lemon Loan Philippines – fast and easy cash loans online from Joywin Lending Investor, Inc. You don’t need collateral or some additional documents. You need just fill in the application and submit your government ID. So, get your instant cash loan in the Philippines right now.

Lemon loan Philippines
Lemon loan Philippines
Loan Period30 days
AmountPHP 10.000
Lemon Loan Fee0.04
Interest AmountPHP 1.200
Repayment SumPHP 11.200

Apply Loan

Lemon lending services was banned by NPC in the Philippines at the end of October 2021. This means that service isn’t secure and legal at the moment. Please, be aware about it and if you decide to apply loan in any loan company, check information about it, cause it can be risky for your financial health.

More information about it: https://www.privacy.gov.ph/2021/08/privacy-commission-orders-immediate-takedown-of-four-online-lending-apps/

Lemon Loan Philippines

Lemon Loan it is online financial platform which provides fast loans for Filipinos. It operates through Android mobile application and user needs only several steps, 10-20 minutes and he/she will receive money online.

Lemon Loan PH
Lemon Loan PH

How to Get Your Loan

  • Download Lemon Loan Philippines mobile application
  • Choose the loan amount and period you need
  • Set repayment schedule
  • Fill the application with 4 steps, so you could be approved
  • Receive a call from Lemon Team
  • Get your money in your E-wallet / Account or Bank


Loan amountUp to PHP 10,000
Period61 – 120 days
Service Fee0,5% – 1,0% per day
Max. annual interest rate110%
APR14% – 35%

If loan is 10,000 PHP, period = 10 days and service fee is 1%/day, then = 10000*10*0,01 (1%) = 1,000 PHP. Repayment amount will be 11,000 PHP

LemonLoan mobile application
LemonLoan mobile application


Don’t forget, your age should be more than 18 years old! You don’t need collateral. From documents only Gov. ID card.

All data is secured and terms are transparent for all users

As for the personal information, Lemon Loans Philippines collects:

  • Name, surname
  • Company name, job title
  • Contact information: email, address, phone
  • Some additional information: UMID, SSS, some additional contacts
  • Communication information
  • IMEI, GPS, ISP, Mobile ID, etc
  • Customer information
  • Phone contacts

How to Repay

There are several optiones how to repay loan:

  • Dragonpay service: repayment code starts with JL, for example, JL123456, (8 characters);
  • Skypay service: repayment code starts with SK/SKY, (15 characters); one support Gcash;
  • With bank account: popular option among other ones.


If you need any support, please use next Lemon Loan contacts:

CompanyJoywin Lending Investor, Inc.
Phones090 688 29 443 | 095 558 70 244 | 090 688 29 919
AddressNet Quad, 4rd Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Lemon Loan Philippines Review

If you already use the service, please write your feedback and share experience in comments lower. It will really help to other people understand more one loan service and how it works. In general, information isn’t much online about it.

FAQ About Lemon Loan Service

If you have any question about Lemon lending app, please write your questions in the comments lower.

⭐ Is Lemon Loan Legal?

On the website you can find that lender is registered by SEC: CS201826247 and has Certificate of Authority: 2303;
You can check this information here: https://www.sec.gov.ph/lending-companies-and-financing-companies-2/list-of-registered-online-lending-platforms/

⭐ What Are The Alternatives To Lemon Loan App?

Check, please these TOP – 5 loan services:
1) Cashalo
2) Unacash
3) CashXpress
4) Digido
5) Pitacash

These services have better terms which you can like. Also, you can find more reviews about one, cause they are more popular.

Joywin Lending Investor, Inc. (Lemon Loan)

Name: Lemon Loan Philippines

Description: Lemon Loan is the loan app with the help of which you can apply online loan in the Philippines. App is presented for Android and Huawei customers. You need just up to 20 minutes to apply loan online with Lemon Loan PH.

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Summary About Lemon Loan PH

You can borrow money in Friends, relatives it is ok, but if you can’t, such services as Lemon Loan PH can help, but only timely, cause interest rates are enough high. So you need to understand how will repay the money back, in order not to get into more problem situation!

  • Also, pay attention that lender’s website is without https!
  • Android app and Huawei one are not active in Google Play, so at the moment you can’t use loan service at all.

For higher and other reasons we can’t recommend this services for Filipinos, use, please alternative one.

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