Blend Philippines

Interest Rate

5% - 8% per month

Loan Amount

up to PHP 2.000.000

4.6 / 5

Blend Philippines - online P2P Funding Platform. Service has several types of loans: personal, seafarer, fast, business, franchise, and auto-sangla loans.

  • Loan amount from PHP 10000 - PHP 2000000
  • Loan period 6 - 36 months
  • Processing fee Depending the loan sum
  • Min sum for investments PHP 5000
  • Earnings from the investments up to 30%
  • SEC Registration No. CS 201908028
  • Quick loan application
  • Competitive terms
  • No collateral need
  • You can start investing with a minimum sum
  • You have full control of your funds with Blend Philippines
  • Investments are stopped
  • Not many partners

Blend Philippines is a finance company that provides lending services. The company offers a modern and easy online lending service, with which it is easy to get a loan for a bank card in the shortest possible time, no matter where the client is. The main goal is to offer the customers a high-quality and convenient financial service, making obtaining a loan comfortable. 

Those wishing to take out credit should look closer at the Blend service, which every resident of the Philippines can use. Blend Philippines will help to solve the problem with finances immediately. The P2P service is not interested in your salary or source of income as long as you pay your money on time. The organization’s client does not need to turn to family and relatives for money, persuade guarantors, or evaluate collateral — you can take a loan on your card even now if you send an online application.

Blend Philippines
Blend Philippines

About Blend PH

The Blend Philippines is a unique online platform for peer-to-peer lending. Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc. is in charge of running it. Payday loans, fast loans, personal loans, franchise loans, and loans to sailors are examples of simple debts. Legal companies, professionals, laborers, private investors, and many more have used microfinance platforms and P2P lending for a long time.

Blend Philippines 2022
Blend Philippines 2022

This site serves as an online communication channel for Filipinos who require access to a financial institution to finance their aspirations. It serves as a hub for linking Filipinos who desire to make investments to grow their wealth. The business supports ethical and prudent borrowing. They promote only flexible loans with low-interest rates. Investors build up their wealth while also contributing to raising the standard of living for others.

How to Apply For a Loan in the Вlend Philippines

To use the services of an organization, you need:

  1. To create a personal account;
  2. Log in to the personal Blend Philippines account;
  3. Apply for a loan – any Filipino citizen who meets the company’s criteria can receive financial assistance. Customers with a bad credit history will be able to take advantage of the opportunity if they request a small amount. When registering on the website, do not forget to read the contract terms and the note Rules for granting credit. Consent for the computer processing of personal data will also be requested from the recipient;
  4. At the next stage, you need to fill out an online loan application and develop a password. The code is necessary for entering the personal account, so it should be sufficiently complex and, at the same time, easy to remember;
  5. Next, link the phone number to the account in the system. Enter the number in a separate field in the upper left part of the screen and press the Send SMS code button. Confirmation numbers will be sent to the phone, which must be entered in the next window. Similarly, binding an email address is performed, which will become a login for authorization in the system.

If the application is sent successfully, within a few minutes, you will receive a message about the results of the application review on your phone or email. You can find the solution from the message’s text or see the request’s status in the user’s personal account.

Among the paperwork needed are:

  • Certificate of Employment Company ID;
  • last month’s payrolls;
  • 2 Billing confirmation and a valid government ID.
Blend Philippines Loan
Blend Philippines Loan

What Are The Types of Loans in the P2P Company

Blend Philippines is more risk-tolerant and willing to lend money to many of those turned down by banks. However, they charge a much higher price for the increased risk of their loans. That is why the rates under the loan agreement are always higher than in the bank. Thus, Blend PH offers its customers what banks cannot provide but at a higher cost.

There are different types of loans from this platform. They satisfy the requirements of other clients with varying goals in obtaining money. When choosing a loan, paying attention to its type is essential. It helps to avoid uncomfortable conditions and get the best option. 

Fast Loan & How To Apply For It with Blend PH

Today, many Filipinos have a bank card, and this simplifies the solution to many financial problems and issues. To cope with sudden difficulties, you can contact a financial institution and take a loan on a card. Such an operation is performed in a few minutes and does not require a thorough check of the credit history. The company will accept an application for an express loan on a card, process it in a short time, and issue funds in any way convenient for the borrower.

If the client has short-term goals and needs money quickly, he should choose this loan. The company can provide fast loans that will satisfy the client’s requirements. Applications are processed very quickly, so you can count on the client receiving money on the day of application. The loan amount is from 10 to 40 thousand PHP. Interest rates are different, depending on the lender in the Philippines, but in average 5 – 10% per month.

Salary Loan from Blend Philippines

Every official employed person in the country can apply for this loan. This credit line is specially adapted to the needs of employed Filipinos. The amount of money borrowed under this offer can be used anytime. The loan amount is from 10 to 25 thousand Philippine pesos. The interest rate is 3-5% per month.

Loan period1 – 6 month
Interest rate3% per month
Processing1 -2 days

To get a salary loan from the P2P Service Blend Philippines you need:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Fill in and send us the application;
  3. Blend Philippines will process it
  4. Them it will be verified and sent to the lenders;
  5. After you will be notified when the lender decided to fund your loan.

How To Apply for a Personal Loan With Blend PH

Consumer loans provide for the receipt by the client of borrowed funds directed by him to satisfy personal needs by making any purchase or consuming various services. Making consumer loans is considered one of the most popular types of bank lending due to several reasons. First, such loans can be obtained relatively quickly. Secondly, the minimum possible requirements are imposed on the client, often limited to providing a citizen’s passport. The loan amount is from 50,000 to 2,000,000 Philippine pesos. The interest rate is 1-3% per month.

Seafarer Loan & One’s Features

Ready-to-board Filipino sailors can get this loan to cover their sailing needs. The loan amount is from 50 to 500 thousand Philippine pesos. The interest rate is 2.5% per month. You need to provide a beneficiary form, POEA stamped contract, government ID, and sailor’s book to quickly process this loan and sail with peace of mind.

Franchise Loan & How It Works

This deal could appeal to company owners. Each entrepreneur has the option of obtaining a franchise loan to grow his own company. From 50,000 to 2,000,000, Philippine pesos are borrowed. The monthly interest rate of 2 to 3 percent. Blend Philippines collaborates with several prosperous businesses that serve as their franchise partners.

How To Repay Blend PH Loan

Paying off debt on time is as easy as taking out an online credit card. To get information, you need to open the How to repay the loan tab on the website and determine a convenient way to close the loan. The operation can be performed in several ways:

  • directly from a bank card through a personal account;
  • using the mobile version;
  • in any self-service device, terminal, or ATM.

The easiest and most accessible way to immediately return the entire amount is to close the debt through your account. The service does not support other formats. When the money needs to be replaced urgently, use this payment option.

How To Invest With Blend PH

Blend Philippines investments
Blend Philippines investments

With the help of Blend Philippines P2P services, Filipino could invest and diversify their portfolios, but currently, this option is unavailable, cause lender applications are closed.

Blend Philippines investments applications are closed
Blend Philippines investments applications are closed
Minimum investment sumPHP 5.000
Per annum interest rate6% – 30%
Loan products amount6 options

With P2P Blend PH you can minimize your risks:

  • Risk acceptance criteria;
  • Borrower verification;
  • Legal Assistance;
  • Auto-Invest.
Difference between P2P and Auto-Invest by

Blend Auto-Investment

You can focus on your work when Blend PH can focus on your investments. If you invest money, it is always a good option to build your fortune. Auto-invest gives you a secure and risk-free 9% interest/year for your capital.

Annual return9%
Minimum investmentPHP 10000
Profitup to 100%
Periods12, 24, 36 months

You can withdraw the money only at the end of the investment period. If you have here any questions, you can write to the Blend Support Team: investors[@]

Blend Philippines Auto-Investment
Blend Philippines Auto-Investment

Blend PH has 2 types of investments:

  1. P2P Investments – higher return rates, but at the same time higher risks too;
  2. Auto Investments – are less risky, but the return rate is only 9% per year.

As for the borrowers, they have enough strict KYC, so investors were sure of the quality of applications.

Contacts & Additional Information

To learn more about lending conditions or to better understand whether this financial institution is worth trusting, you can contact the managers.

CompanyInclusive Financial Technologies Inc. (Blend Philippines)
Phone(02) 8293-3628 or (02) 5310-1743*
AddressThe Philippines, Suite 18, 37th Floor, Cyberscape Gamma
Topaz & Ruby Rd Ortigas Center Pasig

*By calling the hotline, you can clarify the questions that remain after reading the terms of the loans and get advice from specialists.

Вlend Philippines Review

Blend PH receives hundreds of daily users who want to get a loan without refusal on favorable terms. Even under standard conditions, their interest rate is quite an acceptable overpayment if you take out a loan for several days. Unlike banks, Blend PH is quite loyal to borrowers with bad credit history applications. In cases where the client has a history of late repayments or other unpleasant situations, the loan application may be approved. On Internet sites, there are many positive reviews about the company, which is loyal to its customers.

FAQ About Blend in the Philippines

To find out more details about the company that issues loans, it is worth reading the answers to some questions. With their help, you can understand the pros and cons of the platform and whether you should trust this credit organization in general.

✔️ Is Blend Philippines Legal?

Yes, Blend Philippines is a legal finance company. Each credit organization must possess the licenses to conduct business lawfully in the Philippines. It is the responsibility of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – SEC Registration No. CS 201908028.
You may obtain listings of the companies that have been vetted and are reliable on the official website

✔️ What To Do If Crediting Was Refused?

Even though most applications are approved, there are also refusals to issue money. If this happens to you, you would need to do the following:
carefully check the correctness of filling out the data and the application itself — if an error is detected, you must apply again;
if the data is correct, check your credit rating and find out whether you have any outstanding debt;
it is possible to reduce the requested amount to lessen the  Blend Philippines risk of defaulting on the loan.
If none of the methods helped, there is an opportunity to contact  Blend Philippines specialists at their contact numbers.

✔️ Advantages and Disadvantages of Blend?

The procedure for issuing loans in Blend Philippines is effortless. It is enough for a new borrower to go through the registration procedure on the company’s website and send a request, the answer to which will come very quickly. At the moment of receiving a loan on the card, the client will be able to study the advantages of cooperation independently:

> uninterrupted operation of the site 24 hours a day;
> the request processing time is less than 15 minutes;
> quick registration when visiting the site;
> reliable protection of recipient’s data;
> lack of collateral, cancellation of suretyship;
> unlimited loan extensions;
> various debt repayment options.

Applications for microloans are accepted at night, but their approval is possible only during the working hours of the organization’s office. All loans are issued without proof of income, third-party guarantees, and collateral obligations.
However, there are also disadvantages. It is worth noting that the organization has relatively high percentages. In the most unfortunate scenario, you can overpay for a loan twice. Also, here you can meet enough restrictions related directly to their services: for example, platform loans for a short period and a small amount.

Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc.

blend ph

Name: Blend PH

Description: Blend Philippines is the brand of Inclusive Financial Technologies Inc. It is a P2P service that helps people to solve their financial needs.

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Resume About Blend Service

The blend is a company that offers the population various types of financial services, including the provision of loans. Loyalty to customers, ease of receiving money, and transparency of lending conditions attract Filipinos who urgently need cash to cooperate with the company.

Blend imposes a minimum number of requirements on potential customers. Getting a loan without a refusal on a card from this microfinance company is enough to have citizenship in the Philippines and be at least 18 years old. The company has no direct restrictions on the maximum age of the borrower. Also, the creditor company does not receive any requests for collateral or guarantors for the loan.

It is a good option for those who need quick money. It can be said that the organization offers quite affordable services, approves most of the submitted applications, and ensures maximum loyalty for new customers, issuing loans with conditions that are comfortable for Filipinos. Furthermore, it makes the company’s services attractive and constantly brings new borrowers who want to get money urgently. However, the fact that the company is not on the website of verified financial companies is alarming. When deciding to apply for a loan on the Internet, it is worth treating it with caution.

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