Aeon Credit Philippines

Interest Rate

4,55% - 5,75% per month

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 150.000

4.1 / 5

Aeon Credit Philippines provides appliance, furniture, or gadget loan through the mobile application. You just need to download the app, register and submit the required documents with contact information. Read terms before applying, so you had all information.

  • Loan amount PHP 6.000 - PHP 150.000
  • Loan period 6 - 12 months
  • Interest rate 4,55% - 5,75% per month
  • Annual percentage rate 36,73%
  • Processing Fee 3% of loan amount or PHP 800 whichever is higher
  • Citizenship only Filipino
  • Age 18 - 60 years
  • Documents 2 valid IDs + proof of billing + latest proof of remittance
  • Minimum gross monthly revenue PHP 15.000
  • SEC Registration CS201300789
  • Certificate of Authority 1055

When it is necessary to get money urgently, everyone immediately turns to friends or relatives to borrow it. But it will not always be the best option, so as alternative you can apply for a loan from a particular financial organization like Aeon Credit Philippines.

In recent years, the entire lending market in the Philippines has changed a lot. Numerous lenders and banks have appeared that offer favorable terms for lending. The difficulty is that you can quickly issue a loan only at lending organizations because banks have strict requirements for the borrower, and the registration procedure takes several days.

One of the most popular services is Aeon Credit Philippines. In the Philippines, AEON was established in February 2013. It began as an online financial institution that provided loans for merchandise purchases. These days, this system offers several types of loans.

AEON has introduced goods, including loans for furniture, gadgets and appliances. The business has created self-service solutions in line with current trends so that clients may manage and make monthly loan payments.

Aeon credit service Philippines
Aeon Credit Service Philippines

Apply for a Loan With Aeon Credit Philippines

Each customer who applies for an AEON Credit cash loan has a chance to successfully borrow between 6,000 and 150,000 pesos. However, it is essential to remember that in this situation, the amount of the cash loan that will be accepted relies on the client’s income. A personal loan has a monthly interest rate of 2%. The period of the installment loan is between 6 and 12 months. Remember that there is a processing charge of 1,000 pesos in addition to the loan balance and interest.

However, each customer must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for a loan:

  • Minimum age of 18 at the time of application, but not more than 60 at the time of loan payback;
  • Must be a Philippine national;
  • Both the office and the place of living must have a landline phone;
  • 15,000 PHP is the required minimum gross monthly revenue;
  • Two years or more of consistently lucrative work in the same industry.

Aeon Credit Products

This platform has introduced a mobile application to make financial services available to many Filipinos, wherever they may be. You may perform financial transactions using a mobile application from any place thanks to the availability of mobile Internet. Each client has the option to apply for a loan in addition to making payments and sending money via the fixed Internet or a mobile application:

  1. Installing the AEON mobile app and choosing a consumer loan are both required;
  2. You must complete the form and specifications;
  3. A credit management call should eventually come;
  4. Obtain an SMS with instructions on how to get paid.

The monthly payments will be made by each client following the payment schedule. Now, you may use any payment method to make installment payments. When paying in installments in this instance, you must use the contract number.

AEON provides loans for purchasing furniture, home appliances, and technology in addition to cash loans. Average monthly credit rates for conventional products are 4,55% and for gadgets are up to 5,75%, depending on the AEON partner.

Appliance Loan

Aeon Credit Appliance Loan in the Philippines
Aeon Credit Appliance Loan in the Philippines

This kind of credit carries a monthly interest rate of 4,55% – 5,75%. Each borrower is eligible for a minimum loan of PHP 6,000+ 6 to 24 months are the available payment periods. The time for approval is brief.

Furniture Loan

Aeon Credit Installment Plan
Aeon Credit Installment Plan

Typically, interest rates are 4,55% – 5,75% each month. The least amount that may be borrowed is PHP 6,000+ The loan must be repaid within six to twenty-four months.

Personal Loan

Aeon Credit Personal Loan Philippines
Aeon Credit Personal Loan Philippines

A personal loan has a monthly interest rate of 4.55% and higher. The lowest and highest borrowing amounts are 6,000 PHP and 150,000 PHP, respectively. It’s crucial to repay the loan within six to twelve months. Processing charges apply here. 3% of the loan balance or PHP 800.00 is required or higher.

How To Applian Aeon Loans in the Philippines

The application process is the next:

  1. Download the Aeon mobile app;
  2. Tap to apply for a loan and go through the application process – fill-up out the application form;
  3. Upload your two valid IDs;
  4. Add information about your employment;
  5. Upload additional documents: proof of billing and proof of remittance for the last 3 months; for business owners, you need to upload proof of billing, proof of income, and DTI / Mayor´s Permit of your business;
  6. Go through the face recognition step;
  7. Confirm all information with SMS;
  8. Follow the captcha instructions and submit the application;
  9. Wait for the approval;
  10. Fill up the form that includes character references;
  11. Choose the store you need from the list;
  12. Visit the store, choose what you need, and claim through the Aeon Credit Sales Promoter.

Aeon Credit Loan App

Aeon Credit Philippines
Aeon Credit Loan App

Android phones are compatible with the AEON Credit lending app. The Google Play Store makes it simple to get this program in just a few minutes. iPhone users cannot presently download the app. It cannot be downloaded on desktop computers or laptops because it is intended for mobile phones.

How To Repay Aeon Credit Philippines Loan

A 10-digit personal loan agreement number, given after the loan application is approved, is necessary to obtain a loan through this platform. Through a variety of recognized payment partners, you may make a cash loan payment:

  • 7-11;
  • Bayad Center;
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lulie;
  • ECPay;
  • Villarica;
  • CVM;
  • ExpressPay;
  • PeraHub;
  • USSC.

Additionally, it’s crucial to go to a recognized payment location. There, you must get ready with the loan agreement’s number. The precise monthly payment amount can then be made after that. You can create a receipt as evidence that the loan has been paid off in the end.

Another benefit is that you may use GCash and PayMaya to make online payments. You must download the program, navigate to the “Pay bills” area, and choose “AEON Credit” to accomplish this. The contract number and amount are the only fields to fill in after that.

Aeon Credit Promotions

Aeon Promotions in the Philippines
Aeon Promotions in the Philippines

Aeon Credit service has a lot of promotions for all loan types: Appliance loans, Furniture Loans, Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, and tricycle Loans.

Aeon Credit Contacts

CompanyAeon Credit Service (Philippines) Inc.

Each customer who uses credit services could have inquiries. Getting in touch with the experts on the person’s chosen platform is critical to do this. Visit the Aeon experts’ office at 17 San Miguel Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, to get in touch with them. Contact number: +63 2 8631 1399, hotline +63 (2) 8 470 7470.

Reviews and Additional Information

More than 500000 people have downloaded the Aeon Credit mobile application from the Google Play Store, it has a rating of 3+ stars on average. It is important to note, nonetheless, that many users of the program say that it frequently crashes or fails to function, which makes it challenging to apply for a loan. Many borrowers also lament the difficulty in getting in touch with loan officials and technological challenges.

Customers of this financial platform are mainly concerned about a lack of updates and the inability to offer proof of total payment. Some debtors claim AEON still demands payment after the loan has been fully repaid.

FAQ About Aeon Credit in the Philippines

The answers to some questions will specifically help you generally understand whether the services of this company specifically are suitable for you or not in a subtle way. This will actually help you essentially make the right choice in a basically significant way.

⭐ Is Aeon Credit legal?

AEON Credit Philippines is a legal company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 14, 2013. It has a certificate of authority from a credit company in the Philippines, which is reasonably substantial for all intents and purposes. In this regard, the company operates on legal terms.

⭐ Aeon Advantages & Disadvantages?

Among the advantages of using the Aeon service:

Operational service. As a rule, the client receives money in less than an hour at the first application. For repeat customers, the time is reduced to a few minutes;
Big discounts. A promotional rate is available for new customers. Thus, the overpayment upon return is minimal;

Remote registration. The client goes through all stages remotely – in online mode using any gadget. It is more convenient to work with the service in the application from a smartphone;

Convenient transfer. The company transfers the approved amount to the client’s personal account – it can be a debit or credit card;
Minimum documents from the client.

Quick loans have the same effect on credit history as bank loans. Therefore, if you have a bad credit score and want to improve it as simply as possible – just apply to Aeon, even for a minimum amount and a minimum term, pay it off on time, and your history will improve.

⭐ Where Can You Find Aeon Branches?

The primary office is in Metro Manila at 1605 Ortigas Center, 17 San Miguel Avenue. Since 2018, the Cebu branch has been operational. Address: Globe Tower, 7th floor, Cebu Business Park. Large retail malls house the company’s branches. You must speak with a credit manager or apply for a credit card to obtain a loan.

⭐ Why Should People Use One Loan Service?

The main reasons are the speed of consideration of the application and the minimum documents required for the procedure for processing and issuing a loan. You need to choose Aeon, where you want to get loans, register on the organization’s website, and fill out a short questionnaire. Its consideration takes 10-15 minutes, then a quick loan is issued without refusal.
There are only a few cases when a lending company does not undertake to serve customers. When you re-apply to the organization, you will not have to fill out a questionnaire, which will save time on issuing a loan.

⭐ What Are The Alternative Loan Service To Aeon PH?

Popular alternatives include: Finbro, Digido, Tala, OLP, Cashxpress, HomeCredit Philippines, etc.
You can choose from these options to opt for a successful loan.

ÆON Credit Service (Philippines) Inc.

aeon credit ph

Name: Aeon Credit Philippines

Description: ÆON Credit Service - it is a financing company that is based in the Philippines. Aeon offers a credit line to buy consumer products through sales partners and branch stores all over the country. One has a wide range of consumer financial services and can help you to get several types of loans for different goals.

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Summary About The Aeon Loan Service in the Philippines

AEON Credit Service provides Philippine residents with a line of credit to purchase consumer goods without a credit card through its growing channel partners and affiliates. AEON Credit consumer credit is the best option if you don’t have enough money for household appliances.

You must go through a couple of simple steps for the money to be transferred to the card. Forget about references from the place of work, looking for proof of solvency or arrangements with guarantors. Online credit card loans can be obtained by all adult citizens. Even if you are a student, you can safely apply online. What’s more, AEON goes to meet even those who have a bad credit history, with arrears or unpaid debts.

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