SOS Credit Philippines

Interest Rate

depends the loan service you choose

Loan Amount

Up To PHP 30.000


SOS Credit Philippines - is just a loan broker that strives to recommend to people the best loan solutions. Try now and solve your urgent financial needs.


SOS Credit Philippines – instant lending has become very popular in the Philippines. It is convenient to take a loan online when there are still a couple of days left before the salary, and the money is urgently needed now. It does not matter to the client where he is located. A loan can be issued anywhere in Manila or any village in the country. The main thing is to have access to the network and a computer or mobile phone with a browser.

Online credit is a simple and quick way to solve temporary financial difficulties. Until recently, to get a loan, a potential borrower had to go to a bank branch, fill out a lengthy questionnaire, providing comprehensive information about himself, his place of work, financial situation, and relatives, and then languish for another hour waiting for an answer on a credit application. With the development of the lending market, organizations began to appear in the Philippines that offered Filipinos an alternative to traditional bank loans.

SOS Credit Philippines is an independent broker that gives customers free access to vital information and exceptional credit conditions. However, it is essential to remember that SOS Credit Philippines doesn´t provide loans, only recommends one.

SOS Credit Philippines
SOS Credit Philippines

SOS Credit Philippines Broker & How It Works

Sos Credit is a service that offers loan recommendations online. New customers can apply for a loan quickly only on the lender´s website or app. A credit broker will help you to get information hot to get money in a matter of minutes.

How to Apply for a Loan With Sos Credit Broker

Getting a quick loan is a matter of a few minutes:

  1. Go to the website:;
  2. Select the required amount and term on the loan calculator;
  3. Enter your email and mobile phone number;
  4. Choose the loan service you´d like
  5. Go to the lender website/app you have chosen;
  6. Fill out an application for a loan;
  7. Confirm the terms, but before, please carefully read them and verify them with the code from the SMS message;
  8. Get the money you were looking for;
  9. Repay the loan before the due date.

How Borrower Can Repay The Loan

A Sos Credit loan may be repaid at any bank branch. It is worthwhile contacting Sos Credit by email at if a customer has questions about a refund for an outstanding SosCredit loan. Sometimes it happens that customers do not fulfill their obligations for various reasons. In terms of cooperation, a way out of similar situations has already been recorded. If you cannot repay the loan on time, you can pay for an extension of the term of using the loan funds.

What Are the Main Requirements

To apply for a loan from this company, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The client must be a Filipino citizen;
  • Age from 20 to 65 years;
  • It would be best if you were solvent;
  • Must have a bank account with a Philippine lending institution;
  • Valid mobile phone number.

These are precise and minimum requirements that every Filipino can meet.

Sos Credit Contacts

Customers can pay back their loans at any branch of any Philippine bank. If you have any issues, contact the support team of the lender, where you have applied for a loan. SOS Credit Philippines is a firm with its physical location in Latvia.

SOS Credit PH
SOS Credit PH

Sos Credit Philippines Review

Unfortunately, there are no reviews for this financial institution on the Internet. It suggests that not many people use its services. Therefore, think twice about whether you should apply for a loan here and whether you should trust this company.

FAQ About Sos Credit PH

Answering popular questions can clarify essential details about this particular financial company.

✔️ Is SOS Credit PH legal?

Financial service providers must have the proper permits to operate legally in the country. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is responsible for this. There is no SOS Credit on the official website It suggests that the company does not have permission. Consequently, the reputation and degree of trust in this company is a dubious thing, but as it is a broker, one has no need to have SEC registration, cause the broker doesn´t provide loans.

✔️ Why Do Customers Have To Use Sos Credit Philippines Service?

There is only 1 reason why you can try to use SOS Credit Philippines broker, it only can help you with the information, so you could quickly understand what lenders are active in the Philippines, so you were able to apply for a microloan asap;

✔️ Does Sos Credit Have An App?

This company hasn´t any application that is available for Android and Apple smartphones. If you want to apply for an online loan via the app, you can try, for example, Unacash;

✔️ How To Apply for Online Loan Without Sos Credit PH?

Online loans are available to those aged 18 to 70. The client must be financially stable, have a bank account with a Philippine lending institution, a mobile phone, and be able to submit an online loan application. Additionally, the client must complete an application form (and, in the case of new customers, pay the registration charge), wait for the support agent to notify them of the outcome, or get a text message and email.

✔️ What To Do, If The Lender You Choose Declined Your Loan Application?

There are several reasons why institutions refuse loans:
> The client has a bad credit history, i.e., allowed delays in payments, non-refunds, etc., or got into the blocklist for another reason;
> The client has insufficient free income for the requested loan. It means not just a small salary but the amount that will remain after all mandatory payments, incl. on other loans;
> The client’s financial situation in the future does not inspire confidence in the bank. To do this, it is enough to work at a financially disadvantaged enterprise or industry.
> To prevent the application from being rejected again by the lender, you should correctly indicate personal information during registration and promptly update your data if they have changed since the first application. In addition, your credit history, particularly the experience of lending in our company, affects your decision on a loan. Loan delinquency or violation of the terms of the loan agreement reduces your chances of re-loans to zero.

SOS Credit Philippines

soscredit ph

Name: SOS Credit PH

Description: SOS Credit in the Philippines provides recommendations where you can apply for an online loan to solve your urgent financial needs. It is mainly all about lenders, who provide unsecured microloans in the Philippines

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Summary About SOS Credit Broker in the Philippines

SOS Credit PH doesn´t provide loans, but you can apply for it and get information about lenders with the help of which you can get an online loan. Be ready, after registration in the SOS Credit broker, that you will get some email/SMS newsletters every week. Also, you should know, that brokers are focused on earning money, so lenders, that can be recommended to you can be not the best option exactly to you. So, obviously read all terms, and the online contract, and be sure above repaying the loan before the due date, before applying for a loan at the lender´s website/app.

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